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Meet Pat

A South Buffalo native, where he resides with his wife and three kids, Pat is working to make this region a better place for his family and his constituents. Pat is currently the Legislator for Erie County's 7th District, and has been fighting for a stronger Western New York since 2013.

Running for Erie County Legislator in 2013, Pat was a newcomer to the political scene. With his tenure in the Legislature, his willingness to fight for our community has sparked a national dialogue. Committed to strong policy that makes our community and its families safer, healthier and happier, Pat has championed several causes since being elected.  Notable legislative accomplishments include a ban on microbead plastics, a repeal of Sunday Blue Laws, a million-dollar emergency fund created to combat the opioid crisis, and the formation of the Erie County Broadband Committee.

With three kids of his own, protecting the health and wellbeing of children has been at the forefront of Pat’s legislative efforts. He banned smoking in a vehicle with children, wrote the PENCE Bill (Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Child Endangerment) to end harmful gay conversion therapy, and championed a local law implementing a Youth Concussion Protocol to ensure the safety of minors playing contact sports.

Pat is not afraid to stand up to special interests like the pharmaceutical industry, introducing legislation that would make the industry pay its fair share to keep our local drinking water free of medical waste, and not pass the burden onto taxpayers. He also introduced the Invest in Erie, Invest in America Act promoting and encouraging local businesses right here in Erie County. His record earned him the trust of his constituents who re-elected him in 2015 and 2017.

By running for the 142nd New York State Assembly seat, Pat will take this fight to Albany and continue his advocacy for legislation statewide by fighting for the middle class, keeping our kids safe, defending our environment and growing our community.