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When I was elected to the Erie County Legislature, people told me it didn't matter because "county legislators don't get anything done." Since taking office, I have made it my mission to prove that isn't true. When billions of microbeads were set to pollute Lake Erie, I pushed for a microbead ban in Erie County. Not only did it pass, but it sparked a federal ban to protect America's water supply. Since then my office has continued to advocate for water quality in our region and other issues that impact the lives of constituents. When the Trump Administration proposed cutting Great Lakes funding by 97%, I demanded the funding remain. I have proposed legislation ensuring the vitality of our food supply by protecting honey bees and have fought to ensure pharmaceutical companies pay their fair share when it comes to keeping drinking water safe. 

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We're literally changing the world. My bill banning plastic microbeads was the first of its kind and is now recognized as the catalyst for a federal microbead ban; preventing billions of plastic pollutants from entering the Great Lakes. This was followed up with the groundbreaking conversion therapy bill entitled, PENCE, which went viral and was discussed in the national press. Then there was the Youth Concussion Law, the Mimosa Resolution, and Erie County broadband. Not bad for a grassroots County Legislator serving in the minority caucus. We're just getting started. Imagine what we could accomplish with your support. 

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