Seneca Street Redevelopment Project

I grew up on Seneca Street, so I am no stranger to the problems that the area has been facing in recent years. Vacant and abandoned store fronts, a lack of proper lighting, the list goes on.  In joint collaboration with the University at Buffalo Department of Urban and Regional Planning, I sought strategies to revitalize Seneca Street. With the study completed, the only thing left is to put its recommendations into action. 

Seneca Bluffs Park

In 2016, the Army Corps of Engineers broke ground on the Seneca Bluffs Park. Erie County purchased the land along the Buffalo River to prevent the land from being re-purposed for commercial use. I held community meetings with the "Friends of the Seneca Bluffs" local homeowners, bird watchers, and gardeners all passionate about the future of the Seneca Bluffs. Together with the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning, the work is nearly finished. A kayak launch is coming soon! 

Tifft Street Bridge

As a South Buffalo resident, I am appalled at the hazardous condition of the Tifft Street Bridge, and I have been advocating for changes to be made to it for a long time. I am once again calling on the City of Buffalo to implement the necessary changes to make this bridge safe for cyclists and pedestrians. I personally wouldn't take my children on a walk across this bridge and I wouldn't ask anyone to do the same with their kids. It's just not safe.