Affordable Daycare for Families 

As a father of three, I know firsthand how expensive childcare is in our region. The average annual cost of  daycare in Erie County exceeds the cost of a year of college at a public institution in New York State. Parents shouldn't have to leave the workforce to ensure someone can provide quality childcare for this children. That is why I have met with numerous agencies to discuss ways to help alleviate the burden for families in my district.  

Fighting Zombie Homes Crisis 

This is an issue that has long affected much of Erie County, especially my district in South Buffalo and Cheektowaga. Vacant homes undergoing foreclosure sometimes called "zombie homes" reduce curb appeal, can attract crime, and negatively impact property values. That is why I put forth a resolution to decrease the time these homes would sit before foreclosure proceedings from two years to one year.

Pharmaceutical Water Pollution Act

I introduced legislation that would ensure the pharmaceutical industry pay its fair share when it comes to the disposal of unused medication and not pass the burden onto taxpayers. It would require pharmaceutical companies to bear the cost of keeping residents' water clean by ensuring safe and convenient disposal options for Erie County residents. Studies have shown trace amounts of pharmaceuticals in drinking water across the country.