The Issues


Improving Water Quality

  • Wrote the first microbead plastics ban in the nation, which helps to protect our environment and drinking water
  • Demanded Big Pharma pay its fair share for clean up of prescription medication with the pharmaceutical bill
  • Will continue to fight for the safekeeping of Lake Erie and other waterways while serving in the state legislature
  • Will push for improvements to our sewer systems


Growing Our Economy

  • Strengthened the Apprenticeship Law in order to train the next generation of trades people
  • Wrote the Mimosa Resolution to end antiquated Sunday Blue Laws
  • Sponsored a resolution after the JANUS decision to block anti-union groups from accessing union member information
  • Created the Erie County Broadband Commission to increase the access, speed, and affordability of internet for our region
  • Ensured that Buffalo would be a first choice for businesses looking to invest in a well-connected workforce
  • Commissioned a study with the UB School of Architecture and Planning to come up with strategies for revitalization.
  • Advocated for safety measure to be implemented on the Tifft Street Bridge  

Fighting for middle class values

  • Introduced the Erie County Campaign Finance Reform Act to end pay-to-play and fix our broken election system
  • Introduced legislation to combat the zombie housing crisis
  • Will help families find well-paying jobs, afford college, and buy homes to restore income inequality
  • Continues to stand in solidarity with union workers
  • Is commitment to addressing the real issues affecting working families
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Supporting Education Reforms

  • Believes in evaluations that consider the distinct needs of each school
  • Fights to eliminate state mandates in the teacher evaluation system to restore local control
  • Will stand up for parents, students, and teachers in Albany

Keeping our Kids Safe

  • Wrote the PENCE Bill (Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Child Endangerment) to protect minors harmful gay conversion therapy in WNY
  • Created a million dollar emergency fund to combat the opioid epidemic which has saved countless lives
  • Instituted the Youth Concussion Protocol ensuring the protection of our children from lifelong cognitive problems, to protecting kids respiratory health by banning smoking in the car with children, Pat is fighting for our young people. We need more people in Albany fighting for our kids.
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