The Issues


Restoring Local Control in Education

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Teachers have made their voices heard loud and clear about the current evaluation system. If elected to the New York State Assembly, I will be the voice of parents, students, and teachers in Albany. I promise to fight to fix the teacher evaluation system to return control to local municipalities with no mandates from the state. The needs of each school district are unique so a one size fits all approach hurts rather than helps our students. Evaluations should consider the distinct needs of each school rather than mandating a blanket policy for all. We must listen to those entrusted to educate our children and not limit their ability to teach with increased interference.  

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Fighting for Middle Class Values

Income inequality is at an all-time high and it continues to grow. Our state needs legislators who will create solutions and help families find well-paying jobs, afford college, buy homes, and more. From introducing legislation to combat the zombie housing crisis, to standing in solidarity with union workers, Pat Burke has shown a commitment to addressing the real issues affecting working families.  

Keeping our Kids Safe

From the innovative PENCE bill: outlawing gay conversion therapy in WNY, to the Youth Concussion Protocol ensuring the protection of our children from lifelong cognitive problems, to protecting kids respiratory health by banning smoking in the car with children, Pat is fighting for our young people. We need more people in Albany fighting for our kids.

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Defending our Environment

When billions of pounds of plastic microbeads were set to pour into Lake Erie, Pat Burke took action. Working across the aisle, he made Erie County the first in the nation to ban microbeads. He followed that up with his pharmaceutical bill- demanding Big Pharma pay its fair share for the clean up of prescription medication. From fighting for clean water ways to protecting the honey bee population, Pat has shown his commitment to our environment. He will continue to fight for its safekeeping while serving in the state legislature.


Growing our Economy

Since being elected, Pat has been a fighter to fix the issues facing his community. He commissioned the Erie County Broadband Feasibility Study, to ensure that Buffalo would be a first choice for businesses looking to invest that would offer a well connected and skilled workforce. A Seneca Street native, Pat was no stranger to the issues the neighborhood had been facing for years, so he commissioned a study with the UB School of Architecture and Planning to come up with strategies for revitalization. The plan has become a cornerstone of the development projects in the area laying the groundwork for change. Pat has also been an advocate for safety measures to be implemented on the Tifft Street bridge, an effort that has been met with strong support from the surrounding community.