Sierra Club


Dear Mr. Burke,

I am pleased to inform you that the Sierra Club has endorsed your candidacy in the 142nd A.D. in appreciation of your demonstrated commitment to protecting the environment.

The Sierra Club endorsement means a lot to our members in your district/area and to the general voting public. Our endorsement sends a message of your strong support for the environment and your proven track record in environmental issues.

The Sierra Club is behind your efforts to raise environmental issues during your campaign. The Sierra Club is proud of its role in the endorsement process and wholeheartedly extends our support for you campaign to help elect you to public office.

Please let me know how we can assist you in terms of our volunteer resources and conservation/political programs.

New York State's Nurse's Association (NYSNA)


Dear Pat Burke:

It is our pleasure to inform you that the NYSNA Board of Directors has endorsed your candidacy for Assembly in District 142, as recommended by the NYSNA Political Action Committee.

The New York State Nurses Association is a statewide labor union of 42,000 frontline nurses standing together for strength at work, our practice, safe staffing, and healthcare for all. We are New York’s largest union and professional association for registered nurses.

This endorsement acknowledges your interests in the issues affecting healthcare access and your commitment to addressing the needs of working families throughout your community. As such, your endorsement will be made public through our Communications Department in the near future. We also stand ready to help your campaign in other ways.

Best wishes in your campaign.

New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)

14 - NYSUT.jpg

Dear Mr. Burke:

It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Board of Directors of New York State United Teachers has endorsed your candidacy for election to the New York State Assembly.

Throughout our state and nation, public employees and the unions that represent them are under attack by forces who seek to cut union protections and direct public dollars to private schools. As a result, NYSUT has been diligent in endorsing candidates whose positions and actions align with our goals. Your advocacy has earned you our endorsement, and I extend my congratulations.

NYSUT represents more that 600,000 classroom teachers and other school employees and retirees; academic and professional faculty at the state’s community colleges, SUNY and CUNY; and other education and health care professionals in public and private employment.

We appreciate your support for NYSUT and those we proudly serve.

United Steelworkers

United Steelworkers.jpg

Dear Mr. Burke,

Thank you for your request for the United Steelworkers endorsement in your campaign for Assembly in District 142 in the great state of New York.

At this time, I am proud to inform you that because of your history working in the State of NY and your friendship to the Steelworkers and labor; you have received our endorsement. The Steelworkers believe you share our core values of family, jobs, and community and will support the issues of importance to labor and all working men and women throughout the state of New York.

Union workers and all workers in general, cannot afford to have individuals elected to office as their representative who are more concerned about the benefits to corporations than the preservation of family and community supportive middle class jobs.

I wish you the best of luck in your campaign.



Dear Mr. Burke:

On behalf of the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA), I am pleased to inform you of CSEA’s endorsement of your candidacy for New York State Assembly.

CSEA fights every day for the 300,000 active and retired, public and private sector employees that we represent across the state. From employees of the State to local government to the private sector, CSEA members provide the services that New Yorkers need and depend on every day.

At a time when the rights and benefits of working people are under attack across the nation, it is vitally important that we have elected officials who will partner with us in our fight for what is right. We need elected officials who will stand up for the right to organize and the right to collectively bargain. We need elected officials who will fight for good jobs, good benefits, and strong communities. And we need elected officials who will never quit on the working men and women who make our state great.

The CSEA is proud to endorse you because you hold these same values and have proven so time and time again. We are confident that you will be a strong partner with working men and women across this great state.

Buffalo Teachers Federation


Dear Legislator Burke:

We are pleased to inform you that in response to your request, the Council of Delegates of the Buffalo Teachers Federation has voted to recommend that our members support your candidacy in the upcoming Primary Election for NYS Assembly in the 142nd District.

We will be writing to remind them of the election and encouraging them to vote for you. We will also ask them to encourage their families and friends to do so.

If there is any other assistance that we can provide, please let us know.

Communication Workers of America (AFL-CIO Local 1122)

CWA logo Doc.jpg

Legislator Burke,

This letter will serve as our endorsement on your behalf as candidate for the 142nd Assembly seat.

It’s been our pleasure to have worked with you on behalf of the working middle class in Erie County. Your support of our members and their plight has been unwavering over the years. Thank you for standing with us and supporting us while we were on strike at Verizon and AT&T.

We can’t speak on their behalf, but we are aware of the many other working men and women you have supported in Western New York.

We look forward to assisting you in your campaign and working with you once you get to Albany.