Tifft Street Bridge a Hazard- Advocating for South Buffalo Resident’s Safe Access to Waterfront

South Buffalo, New York- Today Legislator Pat Burke will hold a press conference documenting the hazardous condition of the Tifft Street Bridge in South Buffalo.

“The Tifft Street Bridge is the only pedestrian entry point for the residents of South Buffalo to access Buffalo’s waterfront. Right now it is an absolute hazard to cross. This is unacceptable.”

“A number of years ago there was development on the Tifft Street Pier but unfortunately the bridge remains unsafe. The speed limit on Tifft Street is 30 miles an hour but the western portion of the road is designed as a 4 lane open highway that encourages cars coming onto and off of Route 5, which has a 55 MPH speed limit, to drive much faster. The eastern portion of Tifft Street is in a residential neighborhood with children often at play. We must ensure the safety of those using the bridge to access the waterfront as well as the safety of those living near it” Burke said.

“I have always fought for the quality of the water here in WNY. The environmental policies I have put forth were meant to ensure the continued enjoyment and existence of our waterways. It is unreasonable for our residents to traverse a dangerous bridge in order to enjoy our water systems. I urge my fellow lawmakers to join me in ensuring a safe route to the waterfront for all area residents.”

Legislator Burke has been a fierce advocate for water quality in the region. His bill outlawing microbeads in Erie County was a model that eventually became federal law. In addition, Burke has demanded federal EPA funding for the Great Lakes remain and has drafted a bill to ensure pharmaceutical companies pay their fair share to keep drinking water safe.

Legislator Burke is calling on the City of Buffalo to implement traffic slowing and pedestrian safety measures in order to enhance the accessibility of Buffalo’s waterfront. Thus ensuring a safe environment for pedestrians as well as those living in the residential portion of Tifft Street in Buffalo.